Being a part of the textile industry, we recognize our responsibility towards protecting the environment. Like other companies we realise we have a key role to redesign fashion´s future and in the long-term success of sustainable practices.

Creating products that are in-line with customer expectations and better performing from an environmental perspective is an increasingly important area which Lemar has been working for some time.
Our company is carefully designing their collections with responsible sourcing and fibre choice, quality of products, eco-labels and fibre-to-fibre technologies.
Sequal™ and Newlife™ fibres are among them.
They are 100% recycled Polyester fibres made from post-consumer plastic waste reclaimed from the ocean as well as from other sources. Those fibres have excellent performance and durability with the same strength and functional versatility as a virgin polyester but with considerable resource and cost savings for the environment. According to fibre manufacturers such options plays an active role in cleaning up the
ocean depths and allows for a 40% reduction in water consumption, energy savings of 50% and reduces carbon emissions by 60%.

We believe with these steps we have a clear opportunity to act differently while creating new value for society, to prolong the lifecycle of materials, to reduce the amount of waste and to minify the harm to the environment.

We live in this planet and we care!



Committed to the values of responsibility, fairness, and honesty.
Work collaboratively within the company and with our customers in order to exceed their needs and expectations. Their success is our success.
Conduct all of our business in compliance with high ethical standards practice.
To keep offering innovative ways in protecting the environment and in providing sustainable solutions for our customers. We are all responsible.
Uphold supply chain and productivity excellence



To have a solid commitment to our customers in delivering value with high quality fabrics and the best possible service.



To pursue excellence in all we do.