A family business since 1939, LEMAR is a semi-vertical weaving company with offices and manufacturing unit in Pevidém, Guimarães, the heart of the textile industry in Portugal. 

Rua da Moura, Apartado Nº3032, São Jorge De Selho Guimarães 4836-909 – Portugal
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Building a better future together
Being a part of the textile industry, we recognize our responsibility towards protecting the environment. Like other companies, we realise we have a key role in redesigning fashion’s future and in the long-term success of sustainable practices.
Creating products that are in-line with customer expectations and better performing from an environmental perspective is an increasingly important area which Lemar has been working on for some time.
Our company is carefully designing their collections with responsible sourcing and fibre choice, quality of products, eco-labels and fibre-to-fibre technologies.
Here, we highlight the upcycled yarn brands that make our fabrics being at the forefront of the sustainable textile industry:

Polyester fibers from plastic collected from the sea and then recycled. Seaqual™ is a recycled polyester yarn containing Upcycled Marine Plastic collected directly from our oceans. More value, less sea waste.

The Newlife™ fabrics options are a result of a unique, certified system, whereby post-consumer PET bottles are transformed into a polyester yarn through a mechanical process that makes no use of chemicals.

Our Yarnaway™ fabrics provide a one-of-a-kind option for boosting biodegradation in biologically active landfills Polyester is forecasted to take about 300 years to decompose in the environment! Yarnaway™ yarns dramatically narrow the decomposition period to an estimated time of 3 to 5 years!

The Amni Soul Eco™ fabrics set woven with the only polyamide 6.6 fibre yarn with accelerated decomposition in the world! The garments made with these fabrics decompose ten times faster than conventional polyamides, making fashion truly eco-sustainable.

Introducing our brand-new fabrics woven with Sensil™ Biocare enriched with an additive that helps to reduce microplastic waste in the oceans

Our Sensil™ ByNature fabric is a new generation of polyamide produced from renewable raw material (bio-based) from organic waste. One of the revolutionary fibers that significantly increases the sustainability profile of our fabrics and their reduced environmental impact.

Our EVO by Fulgar™ fabric is produced with hi-tech sustainable yarns made from Castor oil deriving from the castor plant that grows on poor arid soil and is not edible! Being a plant-based material, it will completely decompose at the end of its life.

Q-Nova™ are fabrics woven with a recycled 6.6 Nylon from waste materials which could not have been reused in any other way and would have otherwise been disposed of as external waste.
The recycling production is mechanical regeneration which does not involve chemical materials. More than 50% of Q-NOVA™ fibre comes from recycled materials.

The fabrics of the Q-Cycle™ collection present one of the most innovative proposals for waste conversion processes!
From waste that cannot be mechanically recycled as END OF LIFE TYRES, a Nylon 6.6 yarn is developed by pyrolysis technology and has the same properties as conventional fibers. In addition to using non-renewable sources, it avoids incineration resulting in significant CO2 emissions.

Derived from certified renewable wood sources using an eco-responsible production process that
generates up to 50% lower emissions and water impact compared to generic Viscose, LENZING™
ECOVERO™ fibers contribute to a cleaner environment.

We believe that with these steps we have a clear opportunity to act differently, creating new values for society, extending the life cycle of materials, reducing the amount of waste and minimizing damage to the environment.
Because we care!

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Rua da Moura, Apartado Nº3032,
São Jorge De Selho Guimarães
4836-909 – Portugal

+351 253 539 740

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