To have a solid commitment to our customers in delivering value with high quality fabrics and the best possible service.



To pursue excellence in all we do. Innovate and improve every day.



Committed to the values of responsibility, fairness, and honesty.

CEO Message

I am pleased to welcome you to LEMAR website.

This is a special time in the company’s history as we celebrate our 80th anniversary!

Regardless of our achievements over the years we are still committed, as my grandfather did, to set high standards in the production of fabrics for the textile value chain. This purpose has been evident since the very first day and our today’s success is founded on our ability to adapt to changing market needs while remaining true to our strategic values. Such positive attitude has enabled us to keep delivering added product value and excellent customer service which makes us stand out from the crowd.

On the other hand, I am continually impressed by the resourcefulness and entrepreneurial quality displayed by our team and the exceptional value they bring to the company.
For me, this is the difference between doing something well and doing something better!
Looking to the future, we realise the global textile industry is undergoing a very challenging period. New trends are emerging and consumer awareness for sustainable products is increasing day by day which are making us to rethinking business models as well as products, technologies and processes.
Through our focus on continuous innovation, progressive thinking and creative approach we shall continue to bring a fresh outlook to face such challenges and to seize new opportunities.

Enjoy our website and feel free to contact our office for any additional information.

Manuela Araújo


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